The Return of Dogtanian The Return of Dogtanian is a 90’s Children’s TV cartoon. So popular was Dogtanian’s previous exploits that he was forced out of retirement. But how he returned is a different matter. I feel that you cannot compare the two shows, as they are so different, apart from the characters. The differences can be seen between the animation styles, as the second series went for a more simple style. Also the voices of the cast had changed and the Theme Tune was given a makeover. Why this was done, I do not know, but it alienated Dogtanian's original fans. But I'm sure there are a number of children out there that have different opinions.   Not only that, but the whole of the 26 episodes were condensed into a TV movie and the voice actors were changed again. I especially like the voice of the Cardinal, as he sounds like the Spanish Inquisition from the Monty Python TV Series. He makes me smile each time he talks. Not to mention the Nixon sound- alike for Blanc Bec.     Story  10 years have passed since Dogtanian became a Muskehound for Louis XIII. The Muskehounds have drifted apart and live separate lives, until each one receives a curious letter that draws each one to the same place, an Inn, where they find The Queen of France waiting for them. She tells them that her husband, the King, has changed recently and that she feels like an outsider. She feels that foul play is at work and enrols the Muskehounds to find out what has happened to her husband.   They return to Paris where Dogtanian sends for his family. But Cardinal Richelieu is keeping an eye on the Muskehounds and is overjoyed to find out that the King has now asked for his guards to protect him instead. The Muskehounds cannot believe it and ask him to reconsider his decision, but he will not change his mind and he points out that the Muskehounds haven't been in action for a while and have become rusty. So he tries to send them out on manoeuvres for 6 months.   But they have a stoke of luck when Pip goes to visit his cousin in a nearby Monastery. He finds another King!! Yes, it seems that the King in the Palace is an impostor and is in fact the evil twin brother of the King (Blanc Bec). The real King has been locked up in dungeon at the Monastery and forced to wear a golden mask. So Pip tells the Muskehounds this information and they go off to rescue him. And rescue him they do. By the time they all return to the palace, the pretender has gone and the rightful King is reinstated.   But Blanc Bec isn't finished, as he wants to cause as much trouble for the King, and when he finds that the Duke of Bavaria is on his way to sign a peace treaty, he sees an opportunity. Blanc Bec intercepts him and impersonates the King and insults the Duke and says that he will not sign the treaty. Luckily Dogtanian finds out about this and informs the real King, who is horrified about this news. So Dogtanian and the King (who goes disguised as a Muskehound) go to change the Duke's mind. Luckily they get to him before he leaves France and tell him of Blanc Bec's plans. So the Duke accompanies the King and the Muskehounds back to the Palace for a banquet and to sign the treaty.   Blanc Bec is enraged about this and blames Dogtanian for foiling all his evil plans, so he enlists the help of one of his past adversaries - Milady.   But it is not an honourable deed that she must undertake, as she has to kidnap Dogtanian's Daughter - Fleur. Once Fleur is in Blanc Bec's custody, Milady finds out that he plans cause her bodily harm. She cannot tolerate this and so she slips away with Fleur and tries to return her to Dogtanian.   Unluckily for her, Blanc Bec and his guards discover her plans and follow on horseback. Luckily they are intercepted by Dogtanian and the Muskehounds. Even Cardinal Richelieu's guards get in on the act to help Dogtanian. In the scuffle, Blanc Bec and Count Bouchau escape with Fleur. Closely followed by Dogtanian and the Muskehounds, where they corner them and rescue Fleur.   Blanc Bec and Count Bouchau are turned over to Cardinal Richelieu, who throws them into the dungeon forever and their identities forgotten to protect the King. The Return of Dogtanian Characters    Dogtanian Dogtanian has been busy. He is married to Juliet and has two young children - Philippe and Fleur. He has become prosperous and has even bought some fine looking clothes, but again his favourite colour seems to be red (the colour that his nose goes when he is angry). If you have a secret, then don't tell him, otherwise he will talk to the other Muskehounds in the loudest voice you can imagine, I'm sure he could be heard miles away. Which is what happened when Dogtanian told the Muskehounds of the kidnap of the King.   He has a nasty habit of saying 'All for one, and one for All', and the Muskehounds join in and touch swords. Maybe its a man thing (or male animal thing?). Once Blanc Bec and Count Boucheau were brought to justice, he was given the position of 'The Officer in Charge of the Royal Muskehounds' by the King, together with a new sword.     Juliet She is the doting wife of Dogtanian and loves him very much. She brings up there 2 children in a house on the outskirts of Paris.     Athos In the time that has passed, Athos's appetite hasn't waned and he can still out eat most people in the room. He still prefers to get physical in a fight, rather than using swords, and why not, if you get the results! He acts a bit oafish, but makes up for that with a true heart and a mild manner. He fancies Princess Dalma, who is the cousin of the King. But he is surprised to find out that she leads a double life as the Black Rose, a jewel thief who is a master swordsman and can leap around like an acrobat. It seems that everyone is after her, Count Richelieu for robbing him and Blanc Bec to help in his crusade against the King.   Luckily no one catches her after the Muskehounds come to her rescue and she realises that the life of a thief no longer appeals to her, so she bids them farewell and goes off into the distance.     Porthos He seems to be a wealthy man who lives in luxury and is waited on by servants. He has made sure that he has continued to keep in shape, just in case he is called upon again (plus he enjoys sparring).     Aramis He continues to be a womaniser and they just swarm around him like flies (what's his aftershave, as I want some). He flatters them all and reads his own poetry to them.     Cardinal Richelieu This time he doesn't scheme as much. Sure Widemere spies for him, but that's about as far as he goes. He even sends his guards to help Dogtanian get his daughter back. He must be going soft in his old age! He was robbed by the Black Rose.     Milady She was hired by Blanc Bec to kidnap Dogtanian's daughter, but when she was told by Blanc Bec to cut the girl's finger and drop some of her blood onto a their written ultimatum, then she refused as she felt it was cruel. Blanc Bec was enraged about this and assigned one of his guards to her, to force her to do it. But if Milady doesn't want to do something, then she doesn't do it and instead she escaped with Fleur.     The Queen of France She is the first person to suspect that there is something wrong with her husband - The King of France. So she contacts the Original Muskehounds, for them to find out what has happened to the King (after 10 years - she really likes to keep in touch!). She is dismayed and relived to find out an impostor has taken his place (his twin brother), she just knew something was wrong, but couldn't put her finger on it.      Widimer Widimer hasn't changed in the 10 years that have passed. He still regularly messes things up, but is useful for overhearing things. Any useful gossip is relayed straight back to Cardinal Richelieu, for him to decide on a course of action.     Pip  He is the loud mouthed rat that knows some very shady people and was the first person to tell the others about the plot against the King from his twin brother. He seems to have ideas of grandeur and goes around wearing a white wig.     Blanc Bec He is the evil twin brother of the King of France. He is intent on ruling for himself, so has forcibly swapped places with his brother, and imprisoned him in a dungeon with a golden mask to hide his face. He is bitter, because he was the first born and feels that he should have been King, but instead he was smuggled to a monastery to live out his life to ensure the dynasty wouldn't die.     Count Bouchau  He is the right hand man (or dog) of Blanc Bec. He has no morals and will stop at nothing to help his master (Blanc Bec) achieve his goals.       Philippe He is the son of Dogtanian and Juliet. You can see the similarities between him and his father, such as his looks, but the buck teeth give him away, and his love for sword fighting, albeit with a wooden sword.     Fleur She is the daughter of Dogtanian and Juliet. She is younger than Philippe and constantly walks around with a dummy (pacifier) in her mouth, but boy does she have an appetite! She can guzzle her way through bowls of food in a couple of seconds. But she did have a scare when she was kidnapped from her home by Milady. 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